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Print and Production Finishes for Packaging
€ 36,00
Print and Production Finishes for Packaging
Note: lingua inglese
Design e comunicazione
Anno: 2008
Pagine: 192 | Formato: 260 x 228 | Copertina:
Editore: RotoVision
Isbn 978-2-940361-97-7
Includes packaging for food and drink, technology and entertainment products, health and beauty items.
With informative text and specially commissioned full-color photographs, Print and Production Finishes for Packaging shows the different effects that can be created, and the key print and production techniques used to achieve them. Work across all budgets and production/print runs is featured and explored, revealing the skills and techniques that work to grab the target audience’s attention.

For print and production finishing ideas on everything from boxes, cartons, bottles, tubes, cans, packs, jars, multi-packs, and gift packs, Print and Production Finishes for Packaging is an indispensable ideas sourcebook and practical guide to finishes, surface graphics, detailing, and materials that help make packaging stand out from the crowd—including foil blocking, pigment blocking, thermography, varnishing, laminating, embossing, debossing, die-cutting and laser-cutting; specialist inks, including metallics and fluorescents; different paper stocks and other materials; lenticular printing, and so on.

By analyzing the best in the business, this book gives readers a thorough understanding of materials, and of the print and production finishes that can be applied to any job.

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